Chanctonbury Probus Club
Chanctonbury Probus Club

Future Club Event Flyers

This page is set up to remind club members and associates about future events flyers - this is done to generate interest in planned social calendar events

Please contact the event organiser if you need more details on any of the Flyers listed below

The following Flyers have been emailed to members and associate members to give details of future events:-


Planned Visit or Event


Detailed Flyer date to the members & associates




Short Mat Bowls



Curling at Tunbridge Wells - February 2020


Croquet in 2020


Normandy Trip - September 2020


Wine Tasting 'Call my Bluff' - November 2020


Historical Guided tour of Chichester - April 2020

Paul Trim



Simon Powlson



Laki Marangos


Laki Marangos


Laki Marangos



Roger Millard

28 January 2019



19 September 2019



6 January 2020


5 October 2019


21 January 2020



27 January 2020







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