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Social Committee

The club appoints a series of Officers who manage the club's affairs and are appointed at the annual general meeting that is held in May each year. We have a Social Committee and its Chairman is elected under this process


The Social Committee currently is:-

Laki Marangos - Chairman
Ian Gibson - Secretary
Jeff Ward
Simon Powlson
Alan Jeffs
Bruce Tompson


Club Members should contact the Committe if they would like to suggest any social event. 


NOTE at the bottom of this webpage you can see an Advice document designed to help event organisers together with a copy of the Club's "Standard Flyer" format

Chanctonbury Probus Club

Social Committee Meeting

held on Monday 24th August 2020

at 7.00pm through video-conference


In the chair:        Laki Marangos

Present:               Ian Gibson, Alan Jeffs, John Keayes, Bruce Tompson and Simon Powlson

Apologies:           None

Discussion, comments & agreed actions


1.   Confirmation of the Minutes of the meeting held on 27 July 2020

The minutes were approved as a true record of that meeting.

2.   Matters arising from those Minutes

The question of the Club having a credit card for paying deposits was raised at the Management Committee where it was decided not to proceed with the idea. The Treasurer was in the process of establishing internet banking and once this was set up deposits etc could be paid through this means.

3.   Feedback from the Quiz Evening held on 20th August

The evening was enjoyed by 19 zoom windows of participants. Thanks were expressed to Roger Millard for organizing the very successful event.

4.   Zoom Presentations

The flyer for the talk on Electric Cars on Monday 7th September has been circulated and 20 attendees have signed up so far.

The issue of sending out too many reminders with Zoom links was raised due to members losing the links for one reason or another. It was agreed that the link should initially be sent out with the flyer and then a final reminder from the Secretary a day or two before the event. Too many and frequent reminders was proving counter productive.

5.  Normandy Trip

Leger had now confirmed all the bookings and tour arrangements. 24 members and partners have re-confirmed their bookings and Laki advised that the coach can take 40 and we should continue to promote the event and hopefully increase the number going. Leger are working on 25 attendees and we are not sure whether Leger will apply a price surcharge if only 24 participate. The updated itinerary has been sent to all those booked on the trip. Laki will update all members hoping for some additions.

6.  Review of Forthcoming Committed Social Events

The visit to Brighton Gin Distillery is now fully booked with 3 Probus couples attending.

Flyers for the visits to Christ’s Hospital on 22nd April 2021 (fully subscribed) and Leonardslee on 10th May 2021 have gone out.

7.  Review of Priority 1 and 2 items on Future Events List

Laki agreed to complete a full review of the Future Events List and to circulate copies to committee members only at this stage. This updated list will not be included as part of the Minutes. Some specific points arose during the meeting and they are noted here.

Knepp Castle occupies 35,000 acres and large parts can be visited using public footpaths. Many of the storks stay during the winter. A walk visit is a serious consideration for next year. Bruce will discuss further with David Barnard.

A croquet session next Spring is to be considered. Laki will speak to Jonathan Isaacs.

Simon will check with Denton to find out if and when Curling will be available again.

A one day/two day joint visit to the Bovington Tank Museum and RNLI training centre is worth further consideration. Alan agreed to prepare a flyer to test member interest.

There is interest in the Historical Tour of Chichester which Roger Millard is prepared to organize again. Laki will liaise with Roger.

A visit to Herstmonceaux remains a serious consideration. The observatory is not open all the time and visits have to be prebooked. Alan advises that there are other places to visit in the area and an interesting day out could be organized. Alan will prepare an appropriate flyer to go out to members offering suggestions and seeking interest in such a trip.

8.   Golf Programme

The golf event scheduled for 29th September at Horsham is going ahead as planned.

The match against South Downs Probus at Hill Barn will take place a towards the end of September.

9.   Any Other Business

John Keayes advised that he was bowing out and this would be his last Social Committee meeting as he was relocating to the Midlands, probably in October. Laki expressed sincere thanks and appreciation to John for the valuable contribution he had made to the affairs of the Social Committee and wished Helen and he all the very best in their new home.

The committee felt that as well as appointing a replacement to fill the vacancy created by John, it was probably appropriate to further increase the size of the committee by one to reflect the other activities being undertaken by the Social Committee. Laki agreed to talk to the two persons concerned and to Clive before making any announcements.

Bruce suggested a visit to the Chichester Planetarium should be considered, but as the previous visit was less than a year ago, it was felt that a repeat visit now was too soon.

10.   Date of Next Meeting

Next Social Committee Meeting is planned for 7.00pm on Tuesday 6th October 2020

probably through video-conferencing.



Minutes produced by Ian Gibson on 25.08.2020




















































































Advice on Organising an Event


Develop a Clear Proposition


Ideas for social events can be generated by the Social Committee or suggested by members.  The ideas are discussed at the Social Committee meeting and the appointed Organiser will research the detail, particularly an indication of event cost and timing, and the Social Committee Chairman will take this information along to a Club Lunch to get an indication of likely numbers before progressing further.


Transport to/from the event must be considered. 


If it is agreed that personal transport is best then parking information should be provided where possible.


If a coach is used it is particularly important to have a good indication of interest as this can add greatly to the cost of the event.  It is sometimes useful to send out an interim flyer to gauge interest to aid coach booking.


The organiser should also consider how much walking may be involved so that this can be made clear to members.


Food may also be a significant element in the decision to proceed.  A meal may be part of the event or a more informal approach may be taken with members agreeing to meet for a meal after the event and pay individually.


The Event Flyer


The Organiser may find it useful to test all of the above against the Club’s standard Event Flyer which is a useful check that all aspects of the event have been taken into consideration.


The Open to section is included as there are occasionally instances when only members may attend.  And example of this was Rick Borrett’s Live Target Shooting Event (Sept 19).  The norm is for events to be open to Members, Associates and their Partners/guests.  In some instances the event may be open to friends/relatives/non Chanctonbury Probus members but this should first be agreed with the Social Committee Chairman, however an event should not have to depend on non Chanctonbury Probus members to make it viable.


The principal headings (in bold) should all be completed to ensure consistency, however each event is different and in some cases extra pages for example for maps or itineraries may need to be included.  In others the flyer will be very short and simple.


Information on the Club’s insurance can be found on the Club website Insurance Page.  Where appropriate, Members should be advised to carry their own Travel Insurance. 






This can be the most difficult part of the exercise, particularly if a coach is involved as the objective is the event to break even.  A contingency allowance should be built in in cases where unexpected costs may arise and it is prudent to be conservative about likely numbers.


When a coach is used, or in other instances where gratuities are appropriate, these should be included in the cost of the Event.


The Organiser can get advice on costings from the Social Committee and SC Chairman.  The cost needs to be clearly stated on the Flyer together with what would be refundable in cases of cancellation by members.  The Club Cancellation Policy (see Club Rules number 8) states that “All events must be paid for at the time of booking.  In the event of cancellation and if the booking can be resold, a refund can be given.  If it cannot be resold, payment for the booked event must be made.


If the Organiser is concerned that the event may make a loss due to insufficient take up, this should be raised with the Social Committee Chairman, who may talk to members of the Management Committee if appropriate, and a decision will be made as to whether the Event should proceed or whether it should be cancelled.


Flyer Distribution


When the flyer is ready the Organiser sends it to the Social Committee Chairman who will check it over and forward it to the Secretary for distribution to Members and Associates.




All cheques must be made out to the “Chanctonbury Probus Club”.  The Organiser will liaise with the Treasurer, passing his cheques for banking and requesting a club cheque for any payments to be made, e.g. deposit/final payment. 


All financial transactions relating to the Event should be handled by the Treasurer.  The Organiser should not use his own money to pay for Events.  At the time of writing the Club can only make payments by cheque.  Where an Event provider only accepts card or online payment (e.g. for deposit) the Organiser must make the Treasurer aware before using his own card and must obtain an immediate reimbursement from the Treasurer.


The Organiser will keep the Social Committee Chairman and Committee updated on progress.



After the Event


The Organiser will write a short piece about the Event for the Club Website and for the Annual Journal.



Ted Hooker, Jan 2020

Standard Flyer Format






Monday 20th May 2019






Photos if appropriate               


ORGANISER - Probus Member (mobile number on the day) 

Please come along to a relaxing but informative day out in Brighton to discover some of its history and views.


The Royal Pavilion has a colourful history stretching back over 200 years. Built as the seaside pleasure palace for King George IV, it has also served as a civic building, First World War hospital, and has become a true icon of Brighton.


The British Airways i360 structure, on the other hand, was built only a few years ago and opened on 4 August 2016. It is a 162-metre observation tower on the seafront of Brighton, at the landward end of the former West Pier. British Airways i360 was designed, engineered, manufactured and promoted by the team responsible for the London Eye.



We will leave West Chiltington car park at 9.45am to arrive at The Royal Pavilion for our allocated time of 11.10am and we will have a choice of exploring the palace using audio guides which are included in the price or just wandering on your own. 


The guides are simple to use and the tour can be followed by keying in the numbered signs that can be seen in most rooms in the Royal Pavilion. The audio guides use a T-coil so they are suitable for those with a ‘T’ switch on their hearing aid. The tour can be completed in about 45 minutes, but to appreciate it fully it is better to spend at least an hour.


After the Palace visit we will have free time for lunch and to explore Brighton at your leisure before needing to be at the i360 Tower by 3.00pm latest (for security checking) for the 3.30pm 'flight', which will last approx. 20 -30 minutes.


After the 'flight' there will be time to get refreshments at the West Pier Tea Rooms below the i360 before the coach arrives at 4.30/5.00pm for our return home.







Date:                                                 Monday 20 May 2019


Time:                                     Please meet at 09.30 for prompt departure at 09.45 by coach from West Chiltington car park



Royal Pavilion Tour:         booked for 11.10am


Free Time                             for lunch/shopping: 12.30pm - 3.00pm


i360 'Flight':                        arrive 3.00pm for 3.30pm 'lift-off'


Return coach:                     approx 4.30/5.00pm


Open To:                              members/associates/partners/guests


Cost:                                      £43.50 per person, based upon a minimum of 30 attendees. (The cost will reduce for a higher attendance).


Cancellation:                      Detail


What's included in the price: return coach transport, entry tickets to the Royal Pavilion with audio guides, entry tickets to the i360 Tower & gratuity for the coach driver.


What's not included: No food or drink is included.




Reply to Clive


By email                      


By phone                              01903 11111 or 07464 2222222


By hand/post                      See details on the Reservation & Payment Form below


An email to the Organiser would also be appreciated if you are unable to come along.





Reservation & Payment Form for:


Date of event: 20th May 2019

Closing date for Applications & Payment 30th March 2019


Please post your completed form and payment to:


Organiser's Name        

1 Somewhere Road


RH20 9XX

I enclose a cheque* made payable to “CHANCTONBURY PROBUS CLUB” to the value of £43.50 per person.


* Cheques will be banked in early May 2019



MEMBER.......................................... MOBILE PHONE NO...............................


PARTNER/GUEST.............................. MOBILE PHONE NO..............................


OTHER GUESTS...............................................................................................

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