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Photographs & notes about recent Events


4th July 2022


18 members and associates gathered, under the guidance of Clive and Angela Jones, to home their skills with the croquet mallet, ball and hoop! After some skills practice and tests ( with points that ment prizes) we were paired up and 2 rounds of match were under taken. The competative stances were called of at 12.30 when Ray Gatward (most improved player), Ted Hooker and Ted Fisher (highest scores in skills tests) were awarded their mini mini magnums of Grand Cru.  Everyone then adjurned to the Badgers Inn for suitable vitals.

1st July 2022


A nice summer's day for a walk by 19 Probus members and partners around the little known Coolham Airfield in Shipley was organised by Laki Marangos. Our guide, Richard Harris, a trustee with the Horsham & Shipley Community Project had essentially created this walk from personal accounts of the airmen who lived and died here. The airfield had a short time span of a few months during 1944, but an important role in the preparation and execution of the Normandy landings. Richard narrated a number of stories and as we walked around the perimeter of one of the two runways (the E-W one). we were further informed about the pilots and crew from numerous notices pinned to the fence and trees. Some 15 heroes are commemorated by the 15 oak trees planted here, mostly from Polish and Commonwealth squadrons. A fascinating and interesting walk-about reminding us of the sacrifices made.


We followed the walk with a lovely lunch at the Selsey Arms. The pub that also played a part in the life and times of the Coolham Airfield.

23rd June 2022


Rich Borrett organised and drove a group of 20 members and assosiates arround Amberley Museum. A most enjoyable and educational day was had by all although there was much debate about identifying  certain items exihibited as 'of historical interest' whilst they were still in daily use in most members homes! There was however general agreement that public transport has  improved in comfort.

8th June 2022


"Play Petanque", a new event for the Probus sporting members, was held on at the Horsham & Shipley Community centre (HSCP). This initiative (now has charity status) started as a walking football club some 8 years ago, which has now grown to include Mens Shed woodworking and Petanque in addition to walking/darting football.


We were hosted by Russell and his colleages Malcolm, Valerie and Roy who acted as playing coaches. We were welcomed with coffee and cake and after a brief introduction the 18 players were split into 4 groups of 4/5 players. There are 4 pistes so each piste had two competing teams of 2 or 3 players. The competitive spirit was evident from the start as we threw the boules to get as close to the cochonet (coch or jack) as possible. The weather was very favourable until we ended the games when raindrops were nudging us towards our lunch. Everyone seems to have enjoyed the games and huge thanks to the hosts for their coaching help.


The lunch, including non players (21 of us) was at the George & Dragon nearby, a member of the Tipsy pubs, recently expanded. The meals and service were excellent and a lovely way to end a most enjoyable day out with friends. Likely to be an annual event!


6th May 2022


27 members and associates visited the Bluebell Railway at Sheffield Park in East Sussex on a trip organised by Tim Healey.

Our party travelled in restored 1950s British Railways carriages behind Steam Locomotive 73082 “Camelot”  from Sheffield Park to East Grinstead and back. During the journey Tim, who is a volunteer at the Railway, provided facts and interesting anecdotes about the history of the railway, it’s closure in the 1950s and its subsequent rebirth as a preserved heritage railway.

On arrival of the train back at Sheffield Park our group visited the museum with its ample display of artifacts illustrating the history of the Bluebell Railway and the development of railways in general. Some of our members found out by practical experience how much effort is needed to pull a signal lever and endured Tim’s explanation of the principles of railway signalling in the museum’s demonstration signal box.

Our final visit was to the engine shed where we viewed the collection of steam locomotives in static display at the railway as well as experiencing a simulation of the conditions on the footplate during a steam engine journey.

We were blessed with excellent weather and a fine display of the wild flowers alongside the line from which the Railway takes its name.

29th April 2022


The 27th Anniversary Annual Dinner was held at the West Sussex Golf Club on Friday 29th April.  Forty-Nine Members, Associate Members, Partners and Guests attended the event and were able to celebrate the occasion in a very relaxed and comfortable setting. Valerie and I would like to thank Clive and Angela Jones for all their efforts and support in organising the evening on our behalf and for the lovely flowers that were presented to Valerie.

7th April 2022


Jim Sanson welcomed to full club membership by vice chairman, John Maunder at the April Lunch meeting.

5th April 2022



On 6 April 2022 some 42 members were “summonsed” to an afternoon presentation about the work of magistrates followed by their participation in a mock trial when Storrington & Sullington Parish Hall temporarily became a “court”.

The presentation commenced with the audience learning from Rosemary Titley, a retired chairman of West Sussex Bench, about how local justice had been administered in the area in the past including from closed courts such as that at Steyning and how magistrates used to be selected and appointed.

Aimee Blattman-Esswood, a current member of the West Sussex Bench, assisted by Xingang Wang from the Surrey Bench then explained how magistrates’ courts in the area now operate including how magistrates are appointed and the aptitudes required for the role.  The audience learnt about the process of how defendants come to court and technology has been introduced in recent times to maintain the flow of cases with a reduced number of courts. Some 95% of all cases are finalised in magistrates’ courts with magistrates powers of sentence to be increased from 6 to 12 months and the retirement age of magistrates increased from 70 to 75.

After being fortified by refreshments, it was the audience’s turn to become involved with the process of law with a cast of Probus members playing the roles of the participants in a two handed trial.  Latent acting abilities suddenly came to the fore after which the defendants were found guilty both by the “Bench” and the audience.  Sadly just about all the members had passed the age when they could consider becoming magistrates but it was not too late for their children or grandchildren to give consideration to making a contribution to society by applying and being appointed as a magistrate.

24th March 2022


A skittles evening at the Spur


A good turn out  at the Spur in Slindon by 24 members, partners and associates of the Chanctonbury Probus club, all keen to exercise their competitive skills. The evening started at 6.30 pm with a brief explanation of the bespoke rules for a mixed 4 team arrangement. Team captains made sure order was maintained (no yellow cards issued!!) and encouragement given to team members. After 3 rather noisy rounds a meal break was welcomed with the pub staff serving pre-ordered plates of delicious food. Further 3 rounds were then played and the total scores revealed team B as the clear winners. Well done to team captain Rob Golding with Sue Brett, Stuart Arnold, Jane Hulbert, Gill Cooper and Laki Marangos. A final Captains’ challenge was played with Rob emerging as the winner again, Well done Rob. A bottle of wine was presented to each member of the winning team and the winning team captain – well worth the effort then!!

It was a fun social evening, very likely to be repeated next year.

Worth mentioning the excellent service received by the Pub staff in organising this event and serving nice food in a timely manner.

25th February 2022.


Inspired by the heroic success of our Olympic medalists, Simon Powlson organised ten of us turned up to play a last game of curling at Fentons before its closure at the end of March. Unsurprisingly the next nearest curling rink is in Preston so it may be a while before we return to sliding granite down the ice. It was, as ever, great fun and Laki and Ted Hooker won prizes as the most improved players on the day. Afterwards we celebrated for a last time with lunch in the very hospitable Abergavenny Arms. It’s been fun while it lasted. 

24th February 2022


11 past chairmen and one vice chairman joined our current chairman, Ray Gatward, at the Highdown Hotel for a very enjoyable "Past Chairmen's Lunch".

7th February 2022



35 members and associates gathered at the Out of Bounds Bowling Alley to resume the annual 10 pin bowling competition. After organizing the playing participants into five teams of 6 occupying five of the lanes, then trying to remind and explain the rules and nuances of the sport to them, next 2 1/2 hours was spent spraining and exercising muscles, backs, knees, elbows and any other part of the body that could move into action. It resulted in some very mixed results. The Team winner (lane 8) was from Storrington Probus, who scored over two games an average of 100.166 per team member. A most credible effort. The overall top scorer was Stuart Arnold.


The group then migrated to the Fox at Patching where we partook in a variety of very pleasant vittles served by the friendly and efficient staff. Despite a few members pretty disgruntled with their personal performances, a most enjoyable day appears to have been had by all. We look forward to John Gilbert maintaining the standard next year – possibly from this side of the big pond!


4th December 2021


Chris Davis welcomed to full club membership by chairman, Ray Gatward at December Lunch meeting.

26th November 2021


On 26th November six Chanctonbury members and two from Storrington Probus, were given a 2½ hour informative  tour of the Biggin Hill Heritage Hangar. We were enthusiastically guided through the history of Biggin Hill, pilots and aircraft from both sides of the WW2 and the current and past restoration projects that the organisation is involved with. The day was concluded with a very pleasant lunch at The Aperfield Inn.

11th November 2021


On Thursday 11th November 2021 thirty Members, Associates and Partners made a visit to Christ's Hospital Horsham. The visit started with a tour of the Museum led by the Curator Laura Kidner who gave a brief insight into the history of this unique School from its foundation in November 1552. Laura also outlined the role of the Museum, being responsible for over 100,000 artefacts and archives relating to Christ's Hospital, many displayed around the School site, others held at the London Metropolitan Archives. From the Museum we were guided by very enthusiastic and knowledgeable Students around the grounds and buildings, being briefed about the history and legends associated with the School. This also gave us an opportunity to ask questions of the Students daily life, educational opportunities and the history of the uniform. The tour culminated with a high tea in the Dining Hall, home of the magnificent Verrio painting, from which the tour takes its name

4th November 2021


At the November Lunch Meeting Stuart Pullen was inducted into the Club as a full Member.

21st October 2021


The Chairman’s Invitation Lunch was held at Southlands Barn, West Chiltington, on the 21st October 2021 with 53 Members, Associates, Partners and Guests attending. As this was the first lunch for two years it was wonderful to see so many people being able to meet and enjoy the companionship of friends again over lunch, in a relaxed setting. The catering was provided by the staff of the Tottington Manor Hotel and together with the staff of Southlands Barns served a three-course lunch that was well received by all. After lunch the Chairman, Ray Gatward, gave a brief summary of the many and varied events that have been held by the Club this year and thanked all the organisers for their time and effort in arranging them for the benefit of all the Members and Associates. Valerie Gatward updated the Ladies on the proposed Ladies Spring Lunch to be held on the 24th February 2022 and Laki Marangos outlined the events being planned by the Social Committee for the remainder of 2021 and into 2022. Congratulations and many thanks to Clive and Angela Jones for organising a very enjoyable and successful event.  

18th October 2021


Twenty one of us spent a grey Autumn afternoon at Fishbourne Roman Palace. Fortunately our guide, Alan, was able to take us on an hour long tour of the marvellous structure and history of this huge ancient building. Alan was very clear in explaining that in the past much of what we believe to be Roman history has been based on some rather tenuous anecdotes. We don’t really know who the palace was built by, who lived there and who paid for it. We do know it was the largest such Palace this side of the Alps and almost Imperial in its size scale and grandeur. We do know it was built less than 30 years after the Roman invasion and extensive alterations were made to it in the second and third centuries when the original black and white mosaics were overlaid with more sophisticated coloured work, including the marvellous dolphin mosaic. The owners were adding a hypocaust, the underfloor heating system that supplied hot water to the baths when the Villa was burned down around 270 AD. Sadly they never got to scrub up in their caldarium, but we were able to marvel at the scale and ambition of their home improvements. 


Afterwards we enjoyed tea and scones at the cafe before heading back home. A fascinating afternoon out that helped us understand that you don’t have to go to Pompei or Rome to see the wonderful examples of this once great civilisation. Bring on Bignor in 2022!

23rd September 2021


On a warm Thursday evening in September, thirteen of us visited and toured the vineyards at Nutbourne, our interest having been piqued by Rob and Anne's West Chiltington walk a few months before.


After some cake and a hot drink we learned about the history of the vineyard and wine growing in England. We then set off on a tour of the vines, which was very interesting but also quite surprising, as the vines and grapes, unsurprisingly, have not flourished this summer. We learned that one in every ten years this can happen in marginal viticulture areas like Sussex, something our own lavenders and geraniums (pelargoniums for serious gardeners) have been telling us all year.


However, one poor summer has done nothing to reduce the eye watering beauty of the vineyard. We wandered down dale and uphill, past the lake and llamas, followed by friendly dogs (albeit one with no intention of giving up his stick so that one of us could throw it for him) Returning to the winery, we learned and saw how the different wines were created, bottled and matured before moving on to sample some of them as the sun set over the western Downs. It was a delicious end to a delightful afternoon. Some of us are thinking we may go back next year for a pop up meal in the vines - fingers crossed for better weather

2nd September 2021


The lunch meeting enabled us to induct Tim Healey into the Club with the presentation of his Club tie. 

11th August 2021


26 members and associates travelled by coach to the Brooklands Museum on a visit organised by Peter Comben.

After a brief video about Brooklands history, the party was able to independently tour the London Transport display, bikes from the early 1800 to present day Olympics, motor bikes, sports cars, Formulae One cars, aircraft that have been associated with Brooklands and, of course, the famous racing circuit used between 1907 and 1939. The visit was highlighted with a Concorde experience consisting of a conduced tour of the aircraft and a brief simulation flight. Many of the displays were housed in the original buildings.

10th August 2021


The weather, after a wet and windy week, provided a charming English Summer’s Day to allow 15 members and guests to depart from the Queens Head in West Chiltington for about a 4 mile walk. The first half took the group past St Mary’s Church, the windmill, recreation ground, a number of stiles and meadows before arriving at the Nutbourne Vineyard. There, we were given a short history about the vineyard and wine growing process by Bridget Gladwin, one of the owners. After some recreational wine tasting the party continued leisurely through the Nutbourne and Nyetimber vineyards to arrive back at the Queens Head. Sadly, we were unable to participate in lunch at the pub because it was forced to close due to the staff having to covid isolate (sprung on them at 8.45am that morning).

5th August 2021


The August Lunch meeting was held at The Old Tollgate and 18 Members plus one Guest, potential new member Stuart Pullen, attended.

As this was our first meeting since March 2020 a Minutes Silence, for reflection and remembrance, was held for the nine Members and Associates that have sadly passed since that meeting.

Throughout the lunch one sensed a lively atmosphere and vibe as Members were able to engage in face to face conversation with one another, at a Club lunch, for the first time in 17 months. Although he became  a Member during lockdown and has attended a number of events it was also the first opportunity we have had to formally induct Alan Price into the Club. Alan has already volunteered to become a member of the Social Committee and I am sure that he and his wife Judith will be a valued addition into the Probus family


24th July 2021


Valerie Gatward reports that 33 Ladies met up at the beautiful setting of Tottington Manor Hotel for the much-delayed Ladies Lunch.  It was the first time this group were able to get together since February 2020 and all agreed that it was a very special and much anticipated occasion.  The weather played its part, and the staff at Tottington Manor had very kindly set up tables, benches, chairs and even a gazebo in the garden outside of the Downs Suite where lunch would be served.  Valerie hosted the gathering and was delighted to see how much it all meant for these ladies to see their friends enjoying the sunshine and the occasion.   A few words should be said about the staff who were very much involved in ensuring that the event went as smoothly as was possible.  Nothing was too much trouble and they themselves actually reported enjoying delivering the service to our group of ladies.  Lunch was delicious and each plate of food was beautifully presented. After lunch, and during tea and coffee, we took the opportunity of thanking all the staff who had played their part in making the afternoon an enjoyable occasion.  

16th July 2021


Inter-Probus croquet

Croquet is becoming more popular having benefited from the pandemic social distancing restrictions as an outdoor sport that can observe the guidelines. Having had a practice session in June our team of 16 players and 2 supporters met at the Sussex County Croquet Club (WCCC) at Southwick for a day’s competitive play against three other Probus clubs, Storrington, South Downs and West Chiltington. A fabulous setting where international competitions take place on 11 manicured lawns. The weather was mostly good and dry which is always a plus. We enjoyed a 30-minute tuition from the Academy coaches and then were split into four groups each with 7 pairs for doubles play.

Each game was limited to 45 minutes with sudden death after each player playing two shots when time was up.  The lunch was a tasty barbeque of chicken, burger and sausage with salad etc and a desert. Normally a little snooze would have followed, but we were called to the lawns again to complete the matches.

We did rather well with Ray and Valerie coming second in their group and Clive and Angela winning theirs. Very well done. The final was between Clive and Angela and the formidable pair of Alan and Anne Sugarman  of West Chiltington Probus club who were the well-deserved winners.


It was a well organised event and by popular demand it will become an annual event in the Southwick calendar. We were informed that the next World championships, originally due to take place in New Zealand, will be held here next February. Definitely worth a visit.

Thank you to all who attended and supported this event. Our team; -

Rob and Anne Golding, Simon Powlson, Clive and Angela Jones, Ray and Valerie Gatward, Ted and Alison Hooker, Ted Fisher and Barbara Harbut, Barbara Yarrow and Patsy Currie, Alan and Judith Price, John and Gill Gilbert and Laki Marangos (the organiser for Chanctonbury Probus).

13th July 2021


Probus Walk at Knepp Castle - Seeing the Storks. 

This first Club walk of this year and was led by Simon Powlson.

8th July 2021


A successful visit, organised by Simon Powlson, was made by coach to the RHS Hampton Court Flower Show. The group of 30 endured some mixed weather by still came away with grand plans for future projects.

10th June 2021


A good gathering of Probus members, partners and associates enjoyed an outdoor Lamb Spit Roast on a beautiful West Sussex summers evening at Southlands Barn was held on 9th June.

It was a joyous occasion being able to meet up and renew acquaintances in a relaxed and informal setting.

1st June 2021


Yet another virtual wine tasting was organised by the Chanctonbury Wine Club, which includes many Probus members, on Friday 21st May at 7pm. So good to see friends again albeit on a screen. This time a couple of long-standing wine club members volunteered to present their wine choices. The theme was personal grape variety preference as represented by the 4 wines selected. Anne Ditchfield, who is a founder member of the wine club and past Chairman, presented the Albarino from Sainsburys, on offer at £7.50 and the Terre di Fiano Primitivo Organico, Puglia, Waitrose £9.99. Clive Trusler chose the unusual Grendell Sauvignon Blanc from South Africa, Waitrose £11.99 and the Fairview Pinotage, Waitrose £9.99. Clive impressed us all with a fabulous PowerPoint presentation of South African vineyards and scenery. All the wines were excellent, with the Primitivo the overall crowd pleaser. Just shows how knowledgeable our members are after years of practice!! This was the 4th virtual wine tasting we have had since the lockdowns started, keeping us in touch and in good spirits!

27th May 2021


Thanks to our own Stuart Arnold for an excellent presentation about his experience of Solar Energy for the Home and Electric Cars. It was most informative and certainly engaged our ' little grey cells'.

25th May 2021


27 members and associates attended the first coffee morning of the year. The weather was kind and allowed all to enjoy a couple of hours trying to remember who they were talking to! It is hoped that the June coffee morning will return to The Roundabout Hotel venue. Watch the website for updates.

17th May 2021


A visit to Leonardslee Woodland Gardens was a great success for our opening event after the latest (and hopefully last) lockdown. Organised by Ted Hooker, 31 members, partners and associates were organised into three groups and given an informative guided tour of the grounds. The tours ended, having seen the rock garden, vineyard, wallaby enclosure, camellia grove and loderi garden, at the Machine House Cafe by the lakes where everyone was able to enjoy some light refreshment before being left to roam the gardens at their leisure.

7th May 2021


The offical hand over of the Chairman's Ceremonial Chain has been made between Clive Jones (out going) and Ray Gatward (in coming) 

Chanctonbury Probus Chairmen.


11th October 2020


Six couples paid a return trip to the South Downs planetarium to learn about the Northern Lights. On arriving they had the opportunity to share a half hour video feed with an astronaut on the Space Station who explained to them how a tour on the station worked down to the nitty gritty details. It was a bonus, that was both fascinating and enlightening in both opening your eyes to the fact that there’s real people up there for months on end and that what they are doing has practical applications down here on earth, besides taking stunning photos.


However, we then went through into the very well organised viewing chamber to see and hear about the Northern Lights. The lights are created by electrified particles from the sun spiralling down into the upper atmosphere where they are visible from the ground as faint glows, coloured arcs or, at their most spectacular, coloured rays and bands of auroral light dancing back and forth across the night sky like a Strictly contestant who is destined to be better remembered for tripping the light fantastic on the boards in Blackpool than they are for their TV career, such as it was


Many thanks to SDP for such an informative afternoon out and for taking on and meeting the challenge of entertaining groups safely in the current pandemic 


19th September 2020


Three couples from our group toured and tasted Brighton Gin near the seafront in Portslade. The distillery has been going for seven years, having been started by the founder Kathy in her kitchen. We sampled the established product when we first arrived, and it passed the G&T taste test. We then had an interesting and inspiring story about how the distillery had experimented with different processes and botanicals to recently produce a new seaside strength gin. 


We followed the production process from still to bottling and whilst sampling the new seaside strength gin with tonic before wax sealing our own miniature to take home and hang on the Christmas tree. A good day out if mother’s ruin is something you happily celebrate and imbibe. 


Many thanks to our new found friends at Brighton Gin 

12 February 2020


Gwen Moss organised the Ladies Lunch - some photos are shown above. Gwen confirmed:-

On Wednesday 12th February, 28 guests gathered for the Ladies Post-Christmas Lunch. The Chairman’s wife, Gwen Moss, had great pleasure in organising her second lunch for the ladies of the Club.  In previous years, this event would traditionally have been organised as a Christmas lunch, held during the festive period.  Gwen took the decision to ring the changes by organising this event AFTER the Christmas period.  Judging by the great number of comments made, this would appear to have been a wise and welcome decision!                                  


The lunch was again successfully held at Tottington Manor, where the guests enjoyed some delightful food from an extensive list of options – with not a slice of turkey nor brussels sprout in sight!  The event was made even better by the weather on the day, with bright blue skies and glorious sunshine – an added boost to what could typically have been a dull old February day.  On reflection, Gwen was very pleased that so many guests were able to make this event and to have enjoyed some great company in a convivial and happy atmosphere which filled the room.

5th February 2020


A Curling morning was organised by Simon Powlson, he reports:-


Fifteen of us went curling at Fenton’s rink near Tunbridge Wells on a cold but clear Tuesday in February. After a very useful introductory video and lesson we split into four teams and set about playing for real. Our efforts were a bit approximate to begin with but as we got familiar with the stones and the speed of the rink we improved both our direction and distance. Two players, Ian and Valerie, were particularly successful in mastering the art of launching 20kg of Aisla Craig granite down the 150 foot rink and stopping it in the target area. 


Afterwards we all enjoyed a celebratory meal and drink at the Abergavenny Arms, confident in both our ability to negotiate our way around the curling Rink and the road closures.


20th January 2020


Ten Pin Bowling - John Gilbert organised this very popular, now annual winter event. John reported as follows:-


28 members from Chanctonbury Probus Club and 12 from Storrington & District Probus Club met up for the annual Ten Pin Bowling “friendly challenge” at the “Out of Bounds” complex in Rustington.


A great deal of excitement (or noise) and various bowling techniques were displayed, with a final gathering at the Windmill Inn, close by, for lunch and prize giving.


Having had much discussion on how “I was robbed, and the equipment was faulty”, it was disclosed that the top scoring men were, Chanctonbury’s Ray Gatward and Stuart Arnold, respectively. For the ladies, it was Vanessa Edwards of Storrington and Pat Beard of Chanctonbury. The top scoring teams were Storrington Ladies (lane 6) and Mixed Club Men’s (lane 7).


This year the competition was very high, with close scores, between both clubs which only means it will have to be held again next year – when will this rivalry stop?



17 December 2019


Chairman's Christmas Coffee Morning 


All monthly coffee morning gatherings this year have been organised by Clive and Angela Jones. They have reported on this event as follows:-


It has been a very good year so far for the coffee mornings at The Roundabout Hotel with excellent attendances. It has also been good to see Associate members coming along. Our Chairman’s Coffee Morning yesterday, the 17th December, was an even greater success with 54 attendees.


We were lucky enough to have been allocated a larger room which was just as well, as we had such a large number to accommodate.  I would like to thank all those who were able to come and support this informal and friendly gathering.


11 December 2019


Royal Albert Hall Christmas Concert 


Alan Jeffs had organised this superb trip to enjoy John Rutter conducting the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and massed choirs - 43 members, partners and some associates had a great day out to "Really start Christmas celebrations" - a few photos of the location and some of our party are shown above.


21 November 2019


Chichester Planetarium visit 


Organiser Simon Powlson reports:-


31 members, associates and guests went to the Planetarium to see their show. We were a bit worried as we knew the seats were comfortable, leaned back and, let's be honest, could induce dozing, sleeping even snoring among some of us.


No snore was heard. John Mason was an outstanding speaker and presenter. He started with how the stars and planets look this evening in our local night sky and showed us how that would change over time. He was able to pick out features, that many of us would recognise, and explain their behaviour and history. His ability to provide a seamless dialogue to what is a very complicated and at times bizarre process made it both fascinating and understandable. Several of us were saying that we will return for another show/talk before Christmas. 


The organiser even went out at 4.30 the following morning to see if the shooting stars were visible. It was cold wet and cloudy with nary a star in sight, but it was a small example of how interesting John’s talk had been Over half of us were able to go onto Wagamama’s where we learned even more about exotic and different places like katsu and teriyaki and had a thoroughly good time.

27 August 2019


Gliding Day


The photos above are from this terrific event that was organised by Rob Golding and he reports:- 


Some intrepid members spent the day taking a winch launch in a glider to experience the pleasure of unpowered flight. Under a cloudless sky with the temperature peaking in the low 30’s centigrade, about 30 intrepid aviators took to skies in 2-seater gliders at Southdown Gliding Club.


The day started, after a delay caused by changing wind directions, at about 11am and finished about 6.30pm, with a break for a ploughman’s lunch (with strawberries and cream) enjoyed by the 45 Probus members and guests that gathered for either participating in the flying or just watch and chat.


The aviators enjoyed the thrill of a flight in either a modern K21 glider or the traditional T21 with its open cockpit and side by side seating arrangements. Despite further interruptions caused by the heat and changing wind directions some of the flights lasted well beyond the budgeted time (much to the organiser's chagrin as his timetable went into a slow meltdown) much to the pleasure of the pilots who experienced soaring flight. Thanks to all the members of SGC who made this memorable day possible.


23 July 2019


Greenwich/Cutty Sark visit 


The photos above are from this event that was organised by Ian Gibson and he reports:-


24 members and guests travelled by coach in superb weather to Greenwich on 23rd July to visit the major sites, mainly the Royal Observatory and Cutty Sark. On arrival in Greenwich most people had a coffee break and having been given their Explorer ticket went off independently in every direction to spend the day visiting everything Greenwich has to offer. Having been dropped off the coach near the Royal Observatory, most people started in that area before walking downhill to Cutty Sark and neighbouring museums. Some members commented, that although they had been to Greenwich before, there were many new things to see which did not take anything away from the day’s enjoyment.

One of the group, Barbara Yarrow was photographed at the wheel of Cutty Sark and commented that she last stood here when she was 7 years old. We won’t say how many years ago that was!
The coach met us near Cutty Sark at the end of a very enjoyable and interesting day saving everybody the long climb back up the hill.

11 July 2019


Members' Ladies Lunch - the photo selection above is from this event & organiser Gwen Moss reports:-


As Chairman’s wife for this year, I was privileged (!) to be offered the opportunity to organise a lunch event for the wives and partners of the Chanctonbury Probus Club.  Despite being full of trepidation from the outset, I took on the challenge with a degree of enthusiastic spirit.


My main concern was to break with tradition in terms of when in the year the event should be held and (just as importantly) finding somewhere other than Angmering Manor for where we should go.  I thought that a mid-summer lunch at a venue with far-reaching views might just work and decided to plan this event at Tottington Manor, near Henfield.


The weather on the day turned out to be full of sunshine and warmth, with the venue (and the meal) proving to be very, very agreeable.  Guests were able to choose from a selection of four dishes from each of a 2 or 3‑course meal – this allowed for plenty of choice and flexibility according to guests’ appetites!


I was both surprised and very happy that 35 guests were able to join me for the lunch.  I was amazed by the number of very appreciative and positive comments received both during and after the event.  It seems that everyone had a lovely time and that they all enjoyed themselves.  On reflection, I think that my feelings of nervousness and trepidation from the outset were, perhaps, not really justified – but I am thankful that I can now sit back and relax!


24 to 26 June 2019 


St Malo Gourmet Cruise 


The photos above give a flavour of a very enjoyable trip to France Organiser John Gilbert reported:-


35 members of the Chanctonbury Probus Club, travelled to Portsmouth and boarded the Brittany Ferries vessel, Bretagne, to experience a gourmet evening dinner. After an overnight channel crossing, with onboard entertainment, including a cinema, the vessel berthed by the historic walled city of St Malo, Brittany, France.


Initially, a little cloudy, the afternoon was glorious sunshine. At midday everybody was treated to an excellent 3 course lunch in either, the restaurant Cafe de L’Ouest or Le Lion d’Or.


After a day exploring the city and old town, everybody returned to the Bretagne where we were treated to a pleasant musical evening as we made the return Channel crossing to Portsmouth. A great couple of days was had by all.


3 June 2019


Here are a few photos from the very successful Inter Probus Club Croquet day - our Club organiser Laki Marangos reported:-


The event was held at the Sussex County Croquet Club's home in Southwick and was organised by Jonathan Isaacs (a Club Committee member). The event attracted four local Probus clubs - South Downs, Storrington, West Chiltington and Chanctonbury. The location has 11 excellent lawns and will be hosting the World Golf Croquet championships between 27 July and 4 August 2019.
Some 50 people took part in a pairs competition arranged roughly in two groups; those who had not played before and those who still had some memory of swinging a mallet. Following some basic tuition, we played 5 rounds and eventually Mick and Gill Vincent of the West Chiltington Probus Club emerged as the winners. The Marangos and Gatward pairs finished a credible 2nd and 3rd respectively!
At teatime Ted Fisher and Barbara Harbutt arrived after Ted's recent illness which certainly made us all very happy indeed. The catering was excellent, the bar was open and visited frequently, and the overall hospitality of the organisers excellent.
All the Probus attendees enjoyed the day in good albeit a little windy weather and everyone agreed with Jonathan when he proposed to hold another event next year.
The Chanctonbury playing team was Laki & Pat Marangos, Ray & Valerie Gatward, Alan & Vicky Jeffs, Rob Golding, Simon Powlson and John Keayes.  

20 May 2019


A selection of photos above were taken when 25 Members and Associate members joined Clive Jones on the coach bound for Brighton for the 'Brighton Old, Brighton New' visit to the Royal Pavilion and the British Airways i360 Observation Tower. The Royal Pavilion has a colourful history stretching back over 200 years and was built as the seaside pleasure palace for King George IV. Since then it has served as a civic building, First World War hospital and is now a true icon of Brighton. The exterior of the unusual Indian styled architecture gave way to the even more amazing decor and architecture of the rooms inside which combines Regency grandeur with the visual style of India and China. We then had free time to explore Brighton and/or have a bite to eat before arriving at the i360 for our 'flight' in the afternoon.


This tower, which opened in 2006, is a 162 m tall needle structure with an ascending and descending circular viewing platform and is Britain's tallest moving observation tower.


Fortunately, despite a forecast of some rain, the weather was kind to us and remained dry, giving everyone the opportunity to study Brighton in a very different way, although on this occasion we were unable to see the Isle of Wight as it was just too misty. Judging by the feedback, an interesting and friendly day was enjoyed by all.


25 April 2019 


These photos above are a selection taken at the Club's 24th Anniversary Dinner that was enjoyed by 61 members, associates, and families at the West Sussex Golf Club - a lovely evening that had been organised by Graham Moss.


16 April 2019 -


The photos above show the very enjoyable afternoon 9 of us spent practicing at the beautiful surroundings at the Rother Valley Croquet Club at Duncton near Petworth under expert coaching and hospitality of Anne & Alan Sugarman - the event was arranged by Laki Marangos 

11 February 2019 


Ten Pin Bowling with Storrington Probus Club 


24 club members, and 9 from Storrington & District, took part in a “friendly” game at the Out of Bounds at Rustington. After the initial confusion of lanes having been reversed by O of B, everybody settled down to the usual rivalry, especially between husband and wives! 


Afterwards everybody retired to the nearby Windmill Inn for lunch, where prizes were awarded to the best two ladies (Pat Beard and Gill Gilbert), best two gentlemen (Clive Jones and Stuart Arnold) and the best overall team (Ted Fisher, Alan Jeffs, Vicky Jeffs and Stuart Arnold). There is concern that some of the newer members are “stealing” some of the prizes! Yet again John Gilbert complained about not getting a prize especially as his wife did! There was a sigh of relief in that this was the first year Storrington failed to steal some of the limelight. A good day was had by all. 


21 January 2019 


Pensioners on Ice


Simon Powlson arranged for 12 men and 4 women plus some spectators from this Club to try curling for the first time at Fenton's rink near Tunbridge Wells. We split into four teams and after a quick and helpful tutorial collected our shoes brushes and headed onto the ice with our coach Felix. Most of us were unsure but the coach was very helpful, and I had a lot of fun. It was a great day out. 


The two hours we spent on the rink flew by as we tried to master the art of pushing a 20-kilo lump of Ailsa Craig granite 150 feet down the ice to stop on a target circle 12 feet in diameter. It was more than a tad tricky but slowly we improved from hopeless to hopeful and even managed to score a hat trick - three stones in the circle. Lots of shouted advice, excitement, furious sweeping, and delight until the successful stone got knocked out by the opposing team or worse still one's own.


A day to remember, we will be back.


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