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What is Zoom

This is a brief description of the Video conferencing service offered by Zoom.


Zoom conferencing is a world leader in this field. Visit There are of course other conferencing providers.


Meetings between 2 people have no restriction on time but for 3 + people the free period is 40 minutes. Zoom may issue a warning to the Host that the session will be ending soon but an upgrade is available (cost pm). 


Our Club has subscribed to a pro license, so we do not have the time restriction for our meetings.


  • Anyone who wishes to host a meeting creates a profile in Zoom, essentially using their email address and a password. The host schedules a meeting by selecting a date + time as well as other options regarding control of the start of the meeting. A unique meeting id is created by Zoom.


  • Participants are added by the Host and Zoom will email the participants with the meeting details and a meeting link (URL). This is what the participants will click on to join the meeting. The participants receive the email which contains a link to the Zoom meeting space (using cloud technology). An encrypted password is embedded on the link, so participants do not need to enter the password unless they are joining via their account. Participants are not required to have a Zoom account, but first-time users may be asked to download the Zoom app on their device. This is done from the App Store (Apple devices) or Microsoft store for Windows devices.


  • Depending on the devices used (e.g. iPad to iPhone), sometimes the invitation is directed into the participant’s calendar. So, look there if an email has not been received. The link may be clicked from within the calendar.


  • The participants should "accept" the invitation to join the meeting so the Host can be notified. To ensure everyone is aware, the host can additionally advise participants of the meeting date /time so they can be ready. Windows based computers/laptops/tablets as well as Apple devices are supported. For computers that do not have a camera built in an external headset or camera can be plugged in on the USB port


  • A few minutes before the meeting is due to start, the Host launches the Zoom app. If not already done the Host can add participants then. The participants click on the link provided and are able to join the meeting. The Host "admits" the participants into the meeting. In order to avoid crosswalk between participants the Host may mute all joiners.


  • There are two options regarding what people see on their screen. The preferred one is a "gallery" view where every participant has a personal window. The person who is speaking has their window highlighted. The alternate view has the speaker occupy centre screen space with the other participants on smaller windows. This view is normally used when the speaker's screen is shared in order to share a PowerPoint presentation, photos, documents etc. In this view small windows at the side of the screen show all the other participants. If too many participants their windows will spill into adjacent screens.


  • The participants' view is similar to the host's view.


  • An appropriate agenda needs to have been issued ahead of the meeting together with any relevant documentation such as minutes of previous meeting, proposed flyers, etc. Zoom has a number of additional features to enrich the conference, but we will need time to evaluate these.


  • Participants can leave the meeting anytime. The Host is notified.


  • The host will end the meeting when time is called.


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Zoom tutorials


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